6 Unique Cool Kufi Hat Style for Modern Muslim Men

Unique Cool Kufi Hat Style for Modern Muslim Men

Kufi hat style somehow has not exactly been in the media spotlight for Muslim men’s fashion apart from clothing, due to the dying trade in certain culture.

Well, it’s a custom and not something mandatory but I would say it is a fashion accessory that reflects the identity of Muslim men in some culture.

Some call it the Kufi Cap, Topi, Taqiyah, Skull Cap, Fez, Karakul hat, Kopiah, Songkok, and many more depending on their style, culture and region differences.

The traditional pieces were seen being replaced by the contemporary functional headdress that serves both for religious purposes and also as a statement fashion piece.

We’ve probably read or seen critics on Muslim men’s fashion style generally on their clothing attempt.

As much as we want our Brothers to look dapper, their thoughts might be jumbled. They struggle to find the right outfit, struggle with fashion critics from the conservative majority, as well as the fashion factions after their failed attempts, forcing them to actively hit the keyboards searching for the right lookbook that justify modesty yet staying fashionably relevant.

The young urban professionals and the growing Mipsterz somehow sheepishly shy away from donning the kufi hat as they may have felt that it look traditionally dated.

For decades we have seen various renditions of the Kufi hat, with a parade of style, colors and fanciful yet subtle embroidered patterns.
Of which, you are likely to see them stacking up mainly in a traditional retail store like this one.

Source: http://www.srilankamuslims.org/muslim-cap-styles/

Source: http://www.srilankamuslims.org/muslim-cap-styles/

But what makes this brilliant headdress stunningly unique? Below are a few unique cool Kufi Hat style that is shaping the modern Muslim men.


1. Beanie Kufi

Source/photo credit: From left  Ouigi Theodore ,  Jean-Philippe Joseph ,  Robert Spangle

Source/photo credit: From left Ouigi Theodore, Jean-Philippe Joseph, Robert Spangle

This beanie kufi version has been popularly used as an alternative to the traditional kufi hat.
Those knitted wool or cotton canvas versions usually come in plain colors with little to no embroidered patterns which makes it a good fit for the conformist (those seemingly afraid of fanciful designs).
Best of all, this headdress works in most functions – whether in smart casual and street wear, or for performing prayers.


2. Turkish Kufi Hat


The quirky patterns and myriad mix of bold colours on the kufi will add that hippie vibe to your fashion style. Going overboard with patterned ethnic outfits may somehow make you look strangely awkward – especially if you are someone who may not pull off well with fanciful outfits. Instead, match it subtly with plain coloured outfits (probably not the formal ones) and eye shades, and you’re good.


3. Karakul Hat or Jinnah Cap

Source:  Triphobo

Source: Triphobo

Commonly known as Karakul Hat or Jinnah Cap. Albeit a dying trade (source 1, source 2), it still look chic when dressed correctly.
What I like about this hat is its tapered design style and its soft curly furry material.
But what I detest is that the exquisite fur material is made of the pelt of a newborn lambs of karakul sheep.
Sadly, the lambs must be under three days old when they are killed for their exclusive tight, curly pattern of hair.
I was also heartened that Kashmir Box (KB), a Valley-based e-commerce giant, no longer sell these hats due to the unethical production processes.
If you’re someone who is a great believer in ethical production, then this version may not be a good fit for you. Try searching for the faux fur alternatives.


4. Omani Kuma Kufi

Source:  @themuslimmale

According to @themuslimmale, this kufi style is Omani Kuma. I still can’t find the exact same design style though when I hit the keyboard to dig for more styles. But I just love this summer vibe tiled-pattern kufi hat. It would be interesting to have them in summer colour palettes.


5. Velvet Kani Cap

Source:  Kashmir Box

Source: Kashmir Box

I was blown away by the brilliant combination of Russet color striped velvet body with front Kani printed design, and a subtle Black-White striped trimming. This contemporary velvet kufi cap does seemingly coincide well with semi-formal attire and has that preppy aesthetic look. And best of all, the Kani prints are only visible on the front side of the kufi cap, and also ideal during winter. 


6. Contemporary Wool Kufi Hat


Lastly, this contemporary wool kufi hat serves the environmental and fashion conscious consumer. A need for resurgence in the contemporary Muslim men’s fashion scene. Sartorially, it is a unique representation of a modern men portraying modesty (fashionably). Environmentally safe as I claimed it to be, one will still look effortlessly dapper yet instantly cool vibe to any outfit.


There are definitely other variations of kufi hat, so pick a design that works for your style or perhaps season. And some of these Kufi hats are inexpensive — but that doesn’t undervalue its look. It all depends on how smart you are to chicly style it.


So, does men need any more reasons to dress up?


Study conducted by Kelton Research, "not only are well dressed men viewed as sexier, smarter, more successful and more well liked, they are also far better in relationships."

With growing needs in contemporary fashion, there are likelihood for guys to be more selective in their shopping preferences.
Ben Lerer, co-founder and CEO of Thrillist Media Group, “There’s an opportunity for guys to not shop at stodgy, traditional retailers that have a negative connotation for being embarrassing places to shop with your mother.” – this is SO true, Lol!

Well, let’s not give 101 excuses not to dress up, and make some effort in self grooming.