Our Story

Looking at how global warming has resulted in global climate change and how ‘fast fashion’ has not only affected the society at large but also contributed to the huge environmental impacts, we are a believer in social and environmental responsibility.


Over the years, we started engaging in responsible sourcing practices that coincides with our beliefs and values while protecting the people and planet. We ensure that our suppliers adhere to the social and environmental standards, covering areas such as safe working conditions, freedom from harassment, regulated work hours, absence of child labor, and environmental best practices.



The products we make do not create value alone. We hope to not only inspire and empower the modern gents and ladies to be responsible in their modest fashion statement, but also to build relationship and empathy with our creations.



We are also intrigued by, and try to follow, the 5 Laws of Stratospheric Success, as we believe in being a go-giver, and not merely a go-getter. These laws are based on the very real idea that our true success in life can be determined by how much we give to others – giving more in value than receiving in monetary terms, putting others first and serving both society and the wider world. This, we hope, will enrich both our lives, the lives of those we come across, and the sustainability of the planet we all love.

For every purchase made with IKIYO, we pledge to give back to charity, be it our local less fortunate, or charitable organisations regardless of race, language or religion, or even animal welfare groups.