Rustic Green Kufi Hat (Basic Edition)

Rustic Green Kufi Hat (Basic Edition)


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This is the Kufi Hat your head has been longing for; this chic Kufi Hat will never cheat on you, or let you down. It is as reliable as your oldest friend, as soft and caring as your mum, and as sexy as that brooding, muscle bound man at the corner of the cafe.

In fact, it will make you as sexy and irresistible as that man! If you match this personality, then this is the Kufi Hat your head needs – it completes you!

We are an ethical brand, and totally against fast fashion production. Our workers are paid fairly without jeopardizing their workers rights. The value you will get is the hard work we had put into crafting this beautiful Kufi, making you a confident and chic modest men.

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Our Rustic Green Kufi material is slightly thinner than the Warm Ash Kufi.

Made from 100% Wool Felt. Natural and environmentally safe. Wool Felt has been tested free from toxic AZO dyes.

Metallic Label is free from toxic Nickel.

Care instructions

  • Do not dry clean.
  • Do not iron/press.
  • Do not tumble dry. Machine dryer may not be used.
  • Do not bleach.

Use a soft shoeshine brush to brush off loose dirts or wipe off the dust with a slight damn cloth. You can also use tape to press gently against the dirts/dust.

To remove light stains, use gum eraser or rubber sponge to the stains.

Refrain from washing or getting detergent on the kufi/songkok as it will leave spots. If your kufi/songkok got soaked in the rain or somehow got wet, please dry it naturally. Using a hair dryer or heater can distort the shape of the hat or shrink it.

Avoid excessive heat or sunlight (e.g. leaving it in your hot car) as it will cause it to fade and shrink.

Store your kufi/songkok in a cool environment. Store it in box or on a clean surface to avoid stains and discolorations.